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Have you been thinking your yard could use a little something extra? Don't splurge on patio furniture that will only rust in the rain. Consider a whole new habitat. Make a positive imprint on your local environment and build a pond in Milton, DE. Big Boulder Pond makes the process simple and hassle-free. Design a peaceful expanse complete with water features and lush vegetation. Call us for your free quote at 302-841-4444.

What is a water feature and why do you need one?

Water features display the beauty, motion, and sound of water through unique design. Pair fountains and ponds or streams and rock pools together to create an inviting garden space. Your options are endless when you choose Big Boulder Pond Company in Milton, Delaware. We've been installing and maintaining local ponds since 2010.
Contact our experts to schedule a consultation. Your water feature has the potential to:

- Increase the value of your home
- House fish in a natural environment
- Decrease the noise pollution in your neighborhood

5 things you should know about ponds

5 things you should know about ponds

Make an informed pond decision. Big Boulder Pond wants you to feel confident in your contractor of choice. We're committed to building a pond you love. Our quality materials and professional service will blow the competition out of the water.

Consider these benefits of ponds:

  1. Pond filters naturally provide fertilizer
  2. Pond water can be used to water plants
  3. Ponds conserve rainwater
  4. Ponds increase your yard's visual appeal
  5. Pond maintenance is a family-friendly activity
Research your dream pond and call our installation team for your free quote at 302-841-4444.